The History Of Barn Swallow Manor


Barn Swallow Manor Assisted living and Senior Care, complete with towering silo,

 was formerly an actual working dairy barn 

and historic structure in the rural farming area of Byron Center just 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids.

In 2008 after a year's worth of planning, consulting with structural engineers, brainstorming with architects and meeting with the township;

 the renovation began with 5 months of hard physical labor.



First everything in the barn had to be removed, and the interior spray washed. Next most of the old concrete floor was removed,

 then the exterior was striped to the frame, including the roofing.

 In September of 2008 Trubuilt Builders began

 the building  portion of the renovation.

 By June of 2009  Valerie, Ashlin & Jenny moved

 into our newly converted barn house. 


The Green Home

Built with long term energy saving efficiency in mind

the best unseen "green" technology  was chosen and installed: 

  • Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation from top to bottom 3.5-6"thick       for the greatest in heat-loss protection, 

                 while adding substantially to its structural strength at the same time.

  • A Geothermal Forced Air Heating and Cooling System, for the highest in energy savings. 
  • Fiberglass, low E, Argon, Double Pane Windows to limit drafts and take advantage of passive solar heat.
  • And lastly In-Floor Radiant Heat