I have known Valerie for over 14 years, I met her through her mother because her mom was my land lady for 8 years. During 2004- 2005 she started helping me out and taking care of me because of my disability. When I ended up needing another place to live I spoke to her about it and I moved in with her in 2008. I have been living with her ever since and she is heaven sent.

She has always been there for me when I needed her and she helps me see the things I should change or shouldn’t as far as my health is concerned. She is a good hand as far as taking me to my doctor appointments at U of M to get my shots. She helps me out a lot, if I have questions I can ask her. She helps me to see what I can do on my own accord, and gives me encouragement.

She is a reliable person, she is trustworthy, she can help you out anytime,

 she doesn’t fluff off on things, she is always there for me all the time. 

I couldn’t ask for anybody better than her to help me get through life.

I would recommend Valerie because of her heart she is kind and she always wants to be there for people, she doesn’t sit around and do nothing when someone needs help. She takes on the job full force. She makes sure to do her best every day and she has God in her life too. I think she would be a good person to take care of people like me who need help in their daily lives. I would be happy to speak with you if you have any further questions about Valerie.

(picture used with resident permission)


The DeWeerd Family

 To Valerie and the Staff at Barn Swallow Manor, 

Words cannot truly  express the gratitude that our family holds for everyone there for the exceptional care provided for my Mother over these last two and a half years, especially during her last few months. 

The patience and compassion demonstrated toward my mother by everyone there was unparalleled. The level of care and the home-like atmosphere provided by Barn Swallow Manor are the standards to which every assisted living facility should aspire.     Sincerely, Wayne & Family

(all pictures used with family permission)



 My mom has been at Barn Swallow for the last year. I thank God for finding this wonderful home for her.  The owner and her staff are the best!  They care for her like she is their own mom.  An answer to prayer. 

(all pictures used with family permission)



Jenny Armour


My brother has been living at Bran Swallow since Dec 2018. He had been living on his own but was not managing his diabetes well and had been progressively becoming more forgetful and confused. We knew he was going to need more supervision than I could give him in the near future. But in November he started to fall and became really confused after a few trips to the hospital he was finally diagnosed with a spinal cord narrowing that needed surgery and physical therapy after with better supervision at home. 

I started to look for a place for Jerry but was getting discouraged with the process. The people that are supposed to help you find a place had no suggestions. While looking on line I saw Barn Swallow and thought this would be great if they had an opening. We grew up on a farm and knew this would be the best place for Jerry.

I called just hoping they had an opening and get some info, what I found was the best thing in the whole process of looking for a place for my brother. Valerie the owner answered the phone and was so helpful with her knowledge of the elderly. After talking with her she calmed my fears of being able to find a place for my brother in time for his discharge from rehab.

As luck would have it they did have an opening and after meeting Valerie in person when she came to the rehab to meet with Jerry I knew this was the place I wanted him to go. Jerry has been at Barn Swallow now for almost 8 months and I could not be happier with the care he is receiving and how friendly the staff is. His diabetes is so well managed with the proper nutrition and care that they provide I believe he is in the best physical health since being diagnosed with diabetes. Valerie has been so accommodating with various issues that have come up.

I am so happy that Jerry likes living at Barn Swallow and the excellent care he is getting and a special thanks to Valerie for helping me navigate the process of how best to help Jerry and for providing such a wonderful place that I have no worries about his well-being. 


Liz Vander Wal

Barn Swallow Manor was the first home my mother-in- law 

moved to when she left her condo.

 Mom had dementia, it was a difficult time for the entire family and Barn Swallow helped make the transition less stressful. 

 They did an excellent job getting mom acclimated to the new home.

 The peaceful atmosphere,  small community and home feel 

was just what Mom needed.  The housemates all got along

 well and supported each other.

 Holidays were always joyful there for mom.

 It is a great place

(all pictures used with family permission)


Kevin & Brenda Van Aller

Barn Swallow Manor was a life saver for good, quality care for our father. 

They excel with their genuine care and concern for each client, 

and the atmosphere is like a regular home.

 The home-like setting is comforting with individual rooms, living room area, homemade meals, and the peaceful country view. 

Even during our father's ending days, Valerie was right there

to make sure he was comfortable and not alone. 

Barn Swallow, Valerie and the whole staff  gave us 

unmeasurable peace without guilt.

(All pictures used with family permission)