Question and Answers


How Many Caregivers Are There? Do You Have Nurses & Doctors?

 We have a ratio of 1 caregiver to 6 residents. We have 3 caregivers that live on site plus my husband and I.

 I also have 3 additional staff. So, there is always someone available to lend a helping hand. 

Although some very large corporate assisted living facility's have a nurse on staff, MOST  facilities that have nurses and doctors on staff are  Skilled Nursing Facility's  (also called SNF's or Nursing Homes.) 

Barn Swallow Manor is an assisted living that holds a  state license for adult foster care with a resident capacity of 6.  All of our Direct Care Staff are trained in CPR and First Aid, and have completed multiple training's directly related to the care of our residents.


- Physical Therapy

- Occupational Therapy

- Psychiatric Nursing

- Skilled Nursing & Wound Care

- Hospice

How Long Can My Loved One Receive Care Here?

Our residents know, love and trust us and we do our very best to keep our residents here with us until they pass away to minimize their discomfort, anxiety and confusion.

When a resident is experiencing marked decline, we use hospice during the process of end of life care.

Yet, sometimes staying here is not possible depending on a resident's physical care needs or behaviors. Each situation is different and is handled on a case by case basis.

Can Both My Parents Live at Barn Swallow?


- If one parent only needs care, the other will only be charged a room & board fee

- If both parents need care they are charged separately 

- They can stay in the same room or separate rooms

- If one parent can drive that person can continue to do so

Do You Take Residents to the Doctor?

Family usually takes their loved one to the doctor. 

There is a fee for us to take your loved one to their personal doctor.

In some instances a Doctor can come to Barn Swallow but that is dependent on your loved ones insurance.

Will My Loved One Have A Private Bedroom & Private Bathroom?

Our Rooms:

- 4 large private bedrooms with large spacious closets.

- 1 shared room that has a privacy wall between each 12x12 room space. 

   Each side has it's own closet, so even our shared room is very private.

   The shared room has it's own private bathroom

Our "family home" atmosphere with only 6 residents has 3 bathrooms. Although your family member may have a semi-private bathroom depending on the room,  you will find private bathrooms unnecessary in this setting. 

What If My Loved One Needs Help During the Night?

Our Assisted Living has emergency call buttons available in all bathrooms and personal call buttons for each resident. When a call button is pushed it alerts the staff that help is needed and staff are there in a minute. 

We also have motion sensors and silent alarms that alert staff of a residents movement during the night.



Becoming A Barn Swallow Resident

Steps to Securing Residence

1. Call to schedule a tour to see our Assisted Living first hand

2. We will go over an assessment questionnaire to determine the level of care required

3. A deposit to hold the room, will be required

4. A move in date will be secured 

5. Fill out Paperwork and sign contracts at an appropriate time

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, by calling 616-446-8884 or using the contact Form.

Types of Care & Services

 We specialize in dementia and memory care but we help with a wide variety of physical conditions also.

Assistance with ADL's (Activities of Daily Living) include but are not limited to:

- Meal preparation (healthy food, home raised beef, fresh vegetables & fruit year round)

- Medication Administration

- Diabetic Management

- Dressing

- Bathing

- Toileting

- Hygiene

- Grooming

- Laundry (washed separately) 

- Make Bed & Clean Room

- Mobility assistance (Handicap Accessible and Barrier Free)


 Our residents must be ambulatory.

- Able to walk

- Able to walk with a walker

- Able to walk with a cane

- Able to Transfer themselves if they use a wheel chair

Our residents must be a 1 person assist


Residents may not enter in a bedridden state 

This is a smoke free facility

This is a alcohol free facility

Visiting Hours

Our families and visitors are always welcome  but most of our residents retire early. To be considerate we prefer if guests do their visiting before 8:30 PM so they do not disturb those already in bed.   

Costs & Payment Options

The cost depends on the level of care required 

Payment Options Are:

- Private Pay

- Long Term Care Insurance